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Sophisticated and Perpetual Coders Association (SPCA) came into existence in 2020 by the initiative of a group of students and faculty members of Department of Computer Engineering. During the period of the global pandemic when academic and curricular activities were on a hold, Prof. Vivian Lobo, Prof. Angelin Florence A, Prof. Jisha Tinsu (Assistant Professors | Faculty Co-ordinators of SPCA), and Mr. Jayesh Patil (Student | B.E. COMPS) with the guidance and support of Dr. Rahul Khokale (HOD) and Dr. G. V. Mulgund (Principal, SJCEM) established SPCA on the strong foundation of it’s able core committee. SPCA works for a common goal, i.e., to converge all students under the shield of Department of Computer Engineering irrespective of domains they choose to excel in, and this can only be accomplished if there is a common factor that will hone their existing knowledge in a particular field/domain and enhance it even more.



    To convalesce students' skill sets and social values by sharpening their existing knowledge in various domains of Computer Engineering.


  • 1
    To offer opportunities that enrich knowledge and boost confidence in extracurricular activities.
  • 2
    To provide moral support and a base for nurturing career skills.
  • 3
    To disseminate empowerment through the conduction of numerous workshops and seminars.

Chronicles of Techies

With great joy, we present to you the much-awaited 4th volume of Departmental Newsletter - Chronicles of Techies (COT) for A.Y. 2021-22. We have made every effort to capture each and every event that had taken place in A.Y. 2021-22. COT is showcasing some of our Departmental Activities, followed by some beautiful artworks and poetries from among our own classmates, showcasing the best projects from the Computer Department, and some motivational messages from the Alumni.

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